The safe management of infectious medical wastes has alway been a problem for many healthcare establishment despite the availability of solutions in the market. The PYROCLAVE was developed to offer a more efficient and  technology for the safe processing of bio-medical waste. It is currently being manufactured in our ISO 9001 certified facility in Davao City, Philippines by RAD Green Solutions.

The PYROCLAVE OPTIMA is designed for continuous loading and processing of wastes, which allows for higher processing volume and energy efficiency.

All controls are centralized and viewed in one Human Machine Interface (HMI) system for  simple full automation of the wholeprocess.

Medical wastes are loaded hands-free into the shredding chamber.

Wastes then proceed to thecooling chamber to ensuredisinfected wastes are cooleddown and ready for safe disposal

Shredded wastes thenpass through the thermal chamber, exposing the wastes to thermal heat with maximum temperatureof 600°C.


The shredders are composed of Industrial 2-shaft heavy duty shredders that operate at low speed and high torque, achieving high performance and efficient shredding with low noise and vibration.


The PYROCLAVE OPTIMA is classified as a non incineration technology since the treatment process is thermal convection, and fire is not in direct contact with the shredded waste.


The PYROCLAVE is categorized as a non-burn / non incineration technology based on the provisions set by the clean air act of the Philippines.


Unlike the popular autoclave systems that utilizes a lot of water and renders the waste wet after treatment, the PYROCLAVE is a water-free system.


Since the PYROCLAVE is a water-free system, it does not produce any waster water during treatment which means no wastewater treatment necessary.



The PYROCLAVE is registered with the Bureau of Health Devices and Technology under the Department of Health and FDA Philippines. As required by law, regular bacteriological testing is being conducted on the PYROCLAVE by the National Reference Lab to ensure treatment efficacy of the equipment. It consistently achieves the highest level of inactivation. Furthermore, the PYROCLAVE has passed DENR-EMB standards for air emissions and wastewater effluent.


Our manufacturing facility (ISO 9001:2015) is located in Davao City, Philippines and since we are your local manufacturer, you can be assured of our availability when the need arises. While we guarantee that our product is heavy duty, our team will be ready when repairs or maintenance is required.


We have installations in different locations all over the Philippines as we actively promote the safe management of infectious medical wastes and how the PYROCLAVE can be the best solution in the market today.

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