Providing solutions for present-day
environmental challenges

Our Ideology
We are a company of passionate inventors and innovators that provide solutions for the present-day environmental challenges.​

We solve the unsolved by nurturing and developing ideas from a diverse mix of engineers, entrepreneurs and industry professionals.​

We invent. We innovate traditional approaches, invent indigenous technologies and develop them into practical and sustainable solutions that will improve lives, elevate the community and sustain a planet.​

Our Vision
We envision ourselves as a local innovation and invention company that has achieved significant global influence in solving environmental problems in the next decade.



Research and Development is a necessary step that leads to technological innovation and we at RAD Green Solutions aspire to create a start-up environment for innovation with the ability and flexibility to integrate concepts and processes that can be used to develop new products or improve existing ones.


Our strength comes from the diversity of our engineers and fabricators with skills and qualifications from various experiences which is vital and indispensable for the products and technologies we develop.


We are relentless on our pursuit in developing the best environmental solutions and we are committed to constantly upgrade our manufacturing capabilities. We are also committed to provide engineering support to all our clients and ensure that.